Motherhood. Your way. 

For many women, having a new baby is a time of massive transitions. Changes in identity and new relationship dynamics can be exciting and overwhelming. We provide the information, guidance and space to process, you discover how to make it work for you. 


Are you newly pregnant, looking to connect with other women and build your community around you?

Are you seeking information, guidance and evidence that you can access as you need it, in a supportive and non-judgmental way?

Are you looking to set yourself up for the best possible pregnancy, birth and transition to parenthood?

Are you looking for real life, honest and down to earth information and advice?

Did you know that birth can be an incredible experience? There are practical skills and knowledge that can help you feel prepared 

Do you have a lot of questions around pregnancy, childbirth and newborn babies but being told that you should wait until the end of your pregnancy to start attending classes?

What if this could be all yours, with access to an extensive library of curated books you can tailored specifically to your needs?

I know giving birth and parenting can positive, meaningful and life changing. It doesn’t have to be the scary, uncontrollable experience that you need to “get through”. You have a space that's safe and welcoming to come to each month where you can think about and discuss your personal needs and how to set yourself up for the best possible experience. Check in with women who are open to the kinds of deeply satisfying and honest conversations we need in pregnancy - packed with compassion, humour and community.

Sydney based workshops and events for you to gain practical skills in the care of yourself, your baby and your relationships.


With emphasis on connecting with other women, practical skills, jumping in and thinking laterally about how you want to "Mum" joyfully and with purpose. The way you give birth and parent doesn't have to be boring, exhausting or isolating. Let us present you with a range of ideas and information that you can experiment with and find what works for you, your baby and the people you love.

We host our workshops, events and retreats where you can relax and enjoy some some beautiful moments together and with your babies. Women in these spaces explore new and shifting roles, values and self-identity while discovering more information about topics that are relevant to them.

We know you are the greatest expert on how to raise your child. We can facilitate your knowledge and support to help you confidently navigate through this time.

What are people saying about Circles of Women?

Circles of Women was a huge support for me during my pregnancy, labour, as well as postnatally. Jennifer is a truely amazing Midwife and woman. Thank you for making my pregnancy, birth, and transition into motherhood an unforgettable experience.

Daniella Lacob


Highly informative, calm and intimate environment where women can openly ask anything about pregnancy, birth and early motherhood. Highly recommend to anyone who is planning a family, is a mother already or a support person to those mentioned above.

Miriam Dolnikov

After offering to be the birth coach for a close friend, and not yet with any children myself, I needed guidance with regards to preparing for her birth. Circles of Women provided incredible support for both of us, both through attending "Birth Stories" sessions together and having 1-1 information sessions with Circles of Women's Founder and Midwife Jennifer Yehudis Hazi. She took us through the birth process, learning about our individual roles and how I could best inform myself and prepare to be the support my friend needed. The birth was an absolutely special experience and thanks to Circles of Women, it was absent of doubts and fears and instead filled with peace, calm and total elation..

Rivkah Leah

Our current workshops and events:


Circles of Women events are hosted with our ethos in mind - creating social experiences and opportunities that connect women with other women and good quality information. Helping you to make the best choices for yourself and your loved ones.


Upcoming workshops and events:

Antenatal education and women's circle >>>> Calm and settling your baby >>>> How to write the perfect birth plan >>>> Mindfulness for mothers >>>> New mothers groups >>>> Mums of older kids >>>> Circles in the park- meet up for mums >>>> Being a Working Mum.

Not a mum? We've got you too.

Infant massage for dads >>>> Prepare for pregnancy >>>> Get to know your cycle (for women and teens) >>>>

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